Monday, February 11, 2008

Signtronix Style Design - Top 10 Sign Design Tips

I am surprised every day, which I attended along the road and you pass in the same outdoor advertising, graphic design errors several times. Business-owner try their livelihood beside a road presence, barley commands attention.

There are two scenarios that I see on a regular basis.

* A potential customer goes into a store and it shows character personalized budget. The owner of the store character is too weak, fear of losing a potential sale, so it provides a good character of the proposed costs. With a few simple educational sales shop sells signs could have a product which would have more money for his business, and the client.

* Another customer walks in the signs of a shop that offers layout or design concept that stinks. Similarly, the fear of the effect of the loss of clients that signs of manufacturer for the shield useless. The money through the window.

Here are some key design elements that I learned over 15 years in outdoor advertising.

1 Remember that potential customers of all ages and backgrounds are looking for your business from a moving vehicle, in the field of transport, both day and night. They must be able to see and read your outdoor advertising. Do not attempt to sell them, with information on the sign - that the information stored until they are in your company.

2nd Good design and layout of your character is crucial to their effectiveness. Crow agreement with the character too much text, it is impossible to read a car or in a confined space. Therefore, the fewer words the better. Use the old adage - K.I.S.S. Method - Keep It Simple, son.

3rd Do you understand the concept of "First read." It takes focus is on the label, the impact and command attention. Ideally, the first Branding elements should read as a large image or logo of your business.

4th Your reference number is your first impression "with the mobile phone market, and first impressions are impressions. Wonders of the nature of your project of publicity must be positive image that you want the public to which your store. Potential customers are evaluating, inside of your business, by the way he sees on the outside.

5th Many mistakenly believe a sign as owner of a device that identifies the company. What she did not realize is that over half of all new sales in the retail sector are the result of impulse buying. People see, loading and buy. If your outdoor activities Advertising is ineffective, turnover, it costs a lot lost, and then all the costs for a good sign.

6 Your outdoor advertising have visual impact. There is a need for your product or service and your location, easy to remember.

7 Make sure the colors are mixed model. Green on blue is unreadable, while the black and white is very visible.

8 If you have multiple colors in an image, text still far from multi-coloured lines or words (it is competing with the colors of your chart). Schwarzer text is better.

9 In the best case, the design and colors of your site or buildings, the design and colors of your sign (or vice versa). Color is perhaps the simplest and least costly to the coordination unit in the design of business.

10 "White-space". This is the surface of a sign that the face remains emerged from text or graphics. The right amount of white space is equally important for a quick reading such as graphics, text and colors. In fact, 30% to 40% of the mark must be left face area of white space for the best readability.