Monday, February 11, 2008

What Makes a Great Web Template?

A critic is someone who can be positive, neutral or negative judgments about something that, in general, the situation over declaration that "I love it" or "it sucks". A good understanding of the methodology critical enough to teach other models. A critic should not be a master of the subject. For example, some of the best music teachers have excellent ears, but not the possibility of execution.

Most of us, demonstrations of criticism in a certain way. We can be professionals, but not to follow blindly.

So, let's Web as a critic for a while.

Web Template
It is likely that most of the web-design software comes with samples of models layout, or software wizard to them. Many of them are quite fill in the blank spaces. A site search for "Master Website" or "html model" will take place in approximately 13 to 16 million hits, a few free downloads, others to pay for them.

To visit site template to take a day would be about 44 THOUSAND year.

On the other hand, if you find the right keywords for your interest, you can drill far fewer pages. For example, research html div flexible model "(without the quotes) and went to the flexible management of Web sites to find those 91 miles were found." Model html div liquid "found nearly 71 miles. "Html div elastic model" found 147 miles.

If you have spent a lot of time surfing the Internet, you may have noticed certain similarities between the sites. In part because of the words "light form". Partly because of their many were for the same models. If your website a "me too"?

I think it is preferable to study the pages that impress you, and then build your own project based entirely new.

Tricks & Graphics Tweaks
Many web designers are very smart to take advantage of the graphical effects twist aspect. Examples are under the shadow images or text in the header, in degraded sections, the corners, fields and buttons, all with a little more work from the ancient mosaic background image . In fact, such effects may have small sections of the background image and repetition, to conserve bandwidth.

When I became older, the changes, in my view, have done things differently. I went in visual acuity of 20/15 far, the necessary correction in most visual links to my apartment and astigmatism. Now I have more light, when I was younger and a little foreground / background for the text, the combination poses, although I am certainly not colorblind. I also prefer to serif serif.

Jumping site on the Web site shows a wide range of sizes of the original text, so that I often use the Ctrl and the wheel on my PC with the mouse. It quickly became evident to determine which pages Fixformat to process text, boxes, lines and internships. Many sites are not adapted for me, but much more than useless sections of text or run them are blocked by boxes and lines. It's cute all these adjustments graphics were placed in the trash thrown basket.

Take a look at some brand names of Web pages. Google News is one of the corners on a few buttons, but nothing on his head or tabs or menus, and a pair of small icons, but the Internet site of almost all the economies of scale beautiful, if I change the font size, or drag the edges of the display on your browser.

In addition, remember that the very slow pace of the page graphics can be very heavy.

Improper use of special effects is simply stupid, no matter how many allowances a graphic designer for excellence.

The main consideration when designing the website, the user must experience. If a site is too complicated, overloaded, overburden, or off-topic ads, flooded graphical elements in motion, infested with pop-ups or automatic popunders, et cetera, visitors can the Back button or simply cancel your browser. It plays no role, which is "guru sale of Internet" sold, as far as tours on the Web Master. "Good bye!"